Renewed Focus

This will be short, but sometimes it helps to type out my thoughts. I’m sitting here, listening to Stone Temple Pilots right now and thinking about my next couple projects. This website began as a school project, it morphed into a blog, which morphed into a kinda portfolio site, but here’s the thing. MY PORTFOLIO SUCKS. I do like some of the work, but other pieces were just there to fill out the page, the site itself isn’t the greatest, but it’s mine, I started it with a theme I built from the ground up before moving on to modify themes made by others. This too will change though once I feel I have a portfolio that warrants it. I’ve already edited a bit so maybe it looks a tiny bit better. Since taking up photogaphy as a hobby I have been introduced to the opinions of many great personalities. The ones that have affected me are easily Chase Jarvis, and Eric Kim, and by far those most is Zack Arias. Zack lives in Atlanta so maybe because I’m from Savannah I have a bit of an affinity for him, but the real talk he puts on his old Q&A Tumblr, has renewed my focus and made me realize I need to #hustle before I get stuck in this Tech Support call center life forever wondering what happened to that guy who got so excited when he found out you could use Photoshop for a living after making avatars for forums. Thanks Zack.



Go follow the new facebook page I plan to update it more over the next few weeks as I go over old stuff and create new projects.

Scribble Pens

I wanted to take a moment to mention that something was just a concept a few years ago is coming to fruition, and boy does it sound awesome. The Scribble Pen has a microprocessor in that will scan any color, mix the ink and allow you to use that color either in pen form, or or in stylus form that will work on mobile devices coming in at either $130 dollars for the pen or $80 for the stylus. I definitely plan to get a stylus to use with my tablet and mobile phone after tweeting with scribble pen and confirming that the pen/stylus will sync up with their mobile app to show the rgb or hex code which I’m very excited about. I often see colors out in the world that I like to use or catalog for future use, but the only thing I can do is take a picture, load it into Photoshop, and eye drop the color. However so many things can affect the color including the lighting that I take the picture that sometimes I don’t get exactly what I want just a reasonable facsimile. This takes away the guesswork and I’m excited to have one (after a month or so for the public to test of course). Keep an eye out for Scribble Pens, I definitely will.

Pic of the Day – 5-23-2014 – Long Exposures

I took this picture about 3 weeks ago and I still like it, which in my opinion means it must be decent. This was one of my first experiments with long exposure, I’ve always been a big fan of the streaks caused by lights during long exposures. Since I now work overnights I try to take a picture or two on the way home and I always keep the tripod in the car, so on the way home on a Friday night at 2am, the clubs were closing down and I caught the cars leaving downtown and couple on the way there.

C.Viper red focus combos

Ultra Street Fighter 4 comes out June 3rd, it features several “new” characters, really just those from the Street Fighter x Tekken game remastered for usf4, and Decapre, a cammy clone with different moves, but hey I’m never too upset when I get to have fun with more 3rd strike characters. I will enjoy Hugo, Elena was never a favorite of mine so I doubt I will touch her much. Along with the new characters there have been a few system updates but probably the biggest one is the Red Focus, it absorbs multiple hits, and ex red focus crumples on hit at the cost of 3 bars, a cost that many will gladly pay there is already a Yun combo that can be confirmed from almost any hits into red focus, if you have 4 bars, it will do 889 stun, and the combo from the following mixup will lead to stun, if you have an ultra stocked you can kill from this. I’ve already played around with this and there are videos up regarding it. So I left that alone and recorded a few combos with Viper, my first character from vanilla street fighter 4 and one I always come back to, she doesn’t get as much stun as Yun off her easy to confirm combo, but close, and she already hits pretty hard so this mechanic in addition to that well.. just see for yourself., mp knuckle, red focus, fierce feint fierce, ex seismo sj focus, sweep 725 stun, 402 dmg, mp knuckle, red focus, fierce feint fierce, ex seismo, mp knuckle, fierce knuckle 766 stun, 425 dmg

j.rh, fierce fient fierce, mp knuckle, red focus, fierce feint fierce, ex seismo, mp knuckle, fierce knuckle 970 stun 485 dmg

j.rh, fierce fient fierce, mp knuckle, red focus, fierce feint fierce, ex seismo, mp knuckle, ultra 965 stun, 522 dmg

Goodbye Nikon, Olympus is here to stay

As of Monday the 5th, I’m a full time micro four thirds user. I sold my D3200, kit lens, and 35mm f1.8 a long with a few extra pieces on eBay, as well as my Nikon P100 to fund a trip to Seattle to scout out the place for a possible future home. Since I received my EP-3, I’ve shot with my Nikon one time and that was because my better half was playing with the EP-3 (she seems to be an Olympus fan).

Dark Lights

Dark Lights